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      Michael Maytal
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Expressed Voyeurism

like an owl
I sit on a branch and look at life...
through mirrors.

mirrors do not reflect what happens.
mirrors are in charge...directing.

I looked for a shell to protect me.
found an ostrich egg.
the egg charmed me...mysterious.
what does it hold inside?
it's texture similar to the skin that wraps us.

when I am inside the shell, I feel safe
the mirrors vanish.

when the shell breaks
again I face mirrors.
a black mirror.
a white mirror.
perhaps a gray one, too.

in these works I found an opportunity to create mirrors.
to reflect's with himself…between the sexes…among people.

I am a Voyeur.

My work is dedicated to my father..... thanks to Benjamin Levy for the angel drawing above.

Michael Maytal

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Drawing by Benjamin Levy - click to enlarge
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